the message

That day felt different. That sweltering day in June, I drove home from teaching piano lessons and felt on the verge of something. Since then, I've felt that feeling a few times, and yep- it means something big is about to go down.

As I drove with the window down, my long hair wildly blowing, and The Sundays blaring, I had a thought come to my mind. "There's a message waiting on the answering machine at home.  It's the case worker. Good news."  And then I laughed it off, but my lead foot bore down on the gas pedal, barreling me towards the apartment.

I parked, I ran in. Without rolling up the windows, without taking the keys out of the ignition. Yes!  The light was blinking on the machine.  My finger pressed the button and...

"Hi Wendy and Tyler, this is your social worker, call me asap as we have a situation. Could be good news."



Oh sheesh. I had no idea what that meant. And Tyler.... he wasn't due to be home for 30 minutes.  I decided to call back without him.

Here was the good news:  There indeed was a situation, and the situation was a boy. A 3 pound boy, waiting for parents.

A  3 pound boy.

Here was the bad news:  We were not officially chosen yet. We were asked to answer countless additional questions from the birth parents.  These unknown birth parents... they had good questions. They asked, we answered. Always through the case worker, never in person.

A day went by. They asked more. We answered.

Three days passed. They asked really, really hard, deep questions.  We tried to answer.

Two more days passed. Tyler and I were nearly dead.  We hadn't slept or eaten, worked or schooled.

The caseworker called again.  "The birth parents would really like to meet you before they make a final decision."


So one more day passed. And we met them.  I feel like it's too... personal to share here. I couldn't even put it into words if I wanted to.

We left this meeting and in silence, drove home.  It was almost too much.  Too raw, too hard. And what we felt was an inkling, if that, of what the birth parents were feeling.

We walked in the door and the phone was ringing.  It was the caseworker.

"Wendy and Tyler, thank you for coming to meet the birth parents.  They've talked and decided to have you be their son's parents."

It was so beautiful. It was so perfect, so exciting.  Even writing it now I want to cry from all of the happy.  Tyler and I screamed, for so long, happy screams as we danced and hugged and hopped around in little circles, still screaming, still crying.

Two days of glee passed. And then we saw our tiny baby boy for the first time, in a tiny incubator, wearing tiny diapers and a tiny beanie. His head fit in the palm of my hand. My fingertip was as big as his palm!  It was unbelievable. 

It still is pretty unbelievable, to this day, that we have this boy and he is ours. But yet, it definitely is meant to be.  Whatever that truly means. He is our son, and for a reason. His sister is our daughter, and for a reason.

The two of them are stunningly beautiful.  I'll share her story someday.


Photos from Sicily.

Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah

Overheard VI

Excuse the plentiful "overheard" posts... but I overhear a lot.

Said by a mischievous looking little boy about aged 6 to his grandma one hot afternoon in Boise, Idaho, "Grandma, what does 'Obey your mother mean?'"


I will add that when Isaac overheard this as well, he was appalled. haha! 


From Rome, Italy*. 

Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

 *sometimes we get asked about why, at times, our sessions in different countries look as if they could have taken place anywhere, as this session above might.  The reason is usually that the people have hired us to take their pictures in a place that looks different than the city they live in, since it's "usual" or "touristy" to them. Interesting, right?  In this case, this darling family wanted a lot of greenery. So greenery is what they got! :) We loved this fun, energetic session.

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah