El Doggo

Should you bring your dog to a session?  Yes.  Yes, you should.  The biggest downside is that I might spend too much time fawning over your pooch. 

Some considerations?  Not everywhere we shoot allows dogs so it’s wise to ask ahead.  Some places allow dogs only on leads, so it’s wise to ask ahead.  

We shot on a farm a few years ago and a dog escaped and was running through horse fields and eating poop and all and all being insanely cute while not giving much of a poop about what we or his people where doing to get him to come back.   Eventually, Wendy yelled treat, which, apparently, was more enticing than poop so he returned to us.  

Moral of the story?  Dogs are hysterical.  I have never had a session where a dog or dogs were brought that I haven’t felt benefitted from it.  Maybe a bit because it just makes me so happy to photograph families in their complete form.  And you know what they say.  A happy photographer doesn’t eat poop.  Wait, what?

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