Video of our trip to San Rafael Swell

Last weekend I took the kids out camping to the San Rafael Swell and Goblin Valley area. It was so much fun! I am pretty sure it was the first time we've ever camped off random land instead of a campsite. No bathrooms, no services- only pure awesome. 

If you're ever looking for a family adventure, I'd highly recommend going to Goblin Valley State park for a visit. It's tiny, so won't take more than a half day most likely. But, it's pretty cool because you can wander anywhere you like among the "goblins".  The kids loved it!

You can also do the Little Wildhorse Slot Canyon hike. Now that was an adventure. We did the entire loop, which was around 8 miles, and it was tough. We were pushing the dog up rock cliffs and coaxing him down more rock cliffs. Part of the trail through the slot canyon was flooded with water, which made for even more fun adventuring. 

Ask us any questions you might have about visiting the area, I'd be happy to answer!