Photo + Motion workshop for photographers!

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope this post finds you eating ice cream cones or bacon. Or both?

We wanted to announce that we are holding a new type of workshop on May 10th- one for photographers looking to add video to their photo sessions. We started doing the Photo+Motion add ons several years ago and they have been really, really fun. 

We have all the skills to teach you what you need to know in one day. And, as usual, we don't hold any tricks, tips, or knowledge back. We share it all. You will also get to try out your new skills at the end of the workshop- we will have models there for you to video in a realistic setting, so you can get a good gist of how it feels. (Which is awesome and exhilarating, btw.)

So here is the official info:

What: workshop discussing adding video to your photo sessions!

When: May 10, 2017! Will be around an 10 hour workshop with lunch and dinner. 

Where: Salt Lake City, Utah

How much: $299. Priced reasonably so you don't feel like you are taking a huge risk if you end up not offering the add-on to your clients.

Email us if you are interested, at!