Blue Skies

Yesterday I had a moment of pure sadness. Well- I should say that it was definitely a first world kind of sadness- I broke my toe simply by kicking a door frame! It hurt a lot off course but I didn't cry. However, I almost cried like a baby when I realized I probably can't snowboard for a couple of weeks. Noooooo!  

And, as if nature was pouring salt into my wound, overnight my favorite ski resort got 15" of fresh powder. Torture! So now I'm laying on my bed this beautiful Monday morning wondering if I can get my snowboard boot on and tough it out. I think I'll try :)  

But friends, even if it does work out and I'm forced to take a couple of weeks off (my life is hard, haha!), its hard to be sad on a gorgeous, sunny blue sky day. My lawn is covered in white fluffy stuff and my dog and I can always stare out the window and enjoy the view!  

Video below is a short version- shot in Calgary!