Road trip!

With work going on this weekend in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA, I took the opportunity to take the kids out of school and have a fun road trip down to our old stomping grounds. On the drive from Utah to California, we visited a couple of awesome locations! 

First up, we pulled off in St. George and headed to Snow Canyon State Park. This place was amazingly beautiful and easy to access; the kids absolutely loved it.  We had enough time to visit the petrified dunes, the sand dunes, and had plans to do Jenny's canyon. Unfortunately a bee sting on Izzy's poor finger put a quick ending to the visit.  

I highly recommend this place for anyone driving through- we will probably stop by again on the way back!  


The second stop was called Seven Magic Mountains, just south of Las Vegas. It's a really cool art installation in the middle of the desert. This stop took us off the road about 5 minutes, and we only spent around 5 minutes. Nice little stop!  


Pictures below of our adventures. It really was such a good day.