Hair Brush

One recent evening, I found myself accompanied by Isaac in my bedroom. He loves to just talk and spend time with any adult, pick their brain, or endlessly jabber on about his current favorite video game. I must have been cleaning my room as he talked, and picked up a brush to put it away, because I mindlessly started to brush his hair.

If you haven't seen Isaac lately, you may not know that his hair is almost as long as mine, and is the MOST BEAUTIFUL hair that possibly has ever existed. It's thick, luxurious, healthy, shiny... everything a female would kill for and want for her own hair.

As I brushed his hair, he kinda reclined on my bed and relaxed as I did so, and we talked as I brushed. Soon enough, Isabelle wandered in and said, "Oh! Mom, will you brush my hair too? That looks relaxing."

YOU GUYS. Isabelle has never, EVER, ever ever ever wanted me to brush her hair. She has always HATED it passionately, says it hurts really bad, and will try anything to get out of doing her hair. Izzy is a beautiful thing inside and out, and as lovely and as charming as they come, but she did not get hair like Isaac's... except that it is shiny when brushed. Her hair is fine and thin. Makes for really cute buns and pony tails, but she will never let me do those styles. 

So, when she stated she wanted me to brush her hair, I went into shock. "You... want... me to brush... your hair?" I asked. "Yes please!" she replied, and relaxed on the bed and floofed her hair out to be more readily brushable. 

This, friends, is a perfect example of why kids are confusing and evil masterminds. They want what they want when they want it, and sometimes not even then. Confusing, but a tiny bit humorous, too.

So I brushed her hair enough to catch up with Isaac's level of brushed-ness, and then I took turns brushing hairs and scratching their backs, and it was such a lovely evening, and a memory I'll remember forever. Even if Isabelle is an evilchildmastermind.


Images from New York City, NY

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah