Returning Home: The process

Today we ended our road trip. It was really, really fun and quite non-stop! Toward the end, I began thinking thoughts like, "I miss my bedroom. More specifically, I miss the bedroom door. That has a lock on it. To keep the kids out. So they can't be in my face all the time. Talking. Incessantly. Yeah, I'm ready to be home." Hahah!

Seriously though, the kids were great and easy. Just verrrrrrrry talkative, which is great! I am so glad they feel welcome to share SO MANY OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS. Oh so many! And the questions?! SO MANY QUESTIONS! You guys would not believe it. Unless you have talkative preteens yourself. Then you hear me. Let's e-hug in solidarity.

Now that we are home, it's time to de-tox, unpack, and catch up with work and homework. Are you the kind of person that unpacks immediately? I am. It annoys my family. 

Truthfully, we rolled into town and didn't even go straight home. We went to the park so the wild animals (children) could work out their wiggles and I could work out my EXTREME SCIATIC PAIN that is back in full force. (Not to whine or anything, but do you pity me yet?) Then we went to the library for new books. And now it's time to go home, unpack and lock my bedroom door! 


Have a great Wednesday, everyone. 

Images from Alpine Loop, Utah.

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah