How to Birthday properly

Well, today is my 38th birthday, and I have had a terrific, wonderful day so far!  

I have been in some amazing, faraway places to celebrate past birthdays. Today though, I've been at home in SLC, hitting the slopes with friends and family and enjoying my children. I have had the most amazing birthday in this amazing state of Utah, with such wonderful people. I am truly grateful for all I've got in life. Thank you for being a part of it! 

I am a huge fan of my birthday and I always like to gather people up and have fun. I'm not one to wait for somebody to plan it for me, because that's not going to happen, haha! I suggest this method to anyone who doesn't like their birthday. Take charge and make the fun happen, and you can't be disappointed.  

And today, I surely wasn't disappointed as I sailed through feet of powder, whooping and hollering all the way. 

Happy February 28th everyone!