It's so amazing!

I never, EVER thought that I would homeschool our kids. In fact I really looked forward to having them both in school. All that time to myself? Yes please.

But friends, as you know, when you tour around constantly there is no elementary school following you around, so here we are, year 4 of doing it ourselves!

One thing I was pretty excited about teaching our kids eventually was about reproduction. Yes. Sex ed. You heard that right. I'm sure my mom is rolling her eyes right now. That's because when I was the age for sex ed, I was completely horrified by the subject and even flunked out of the class. This makes me chortle to no end. 

No but really, Tyler and I have both been very frank with the kids about bodies, growing up, reproducing, etc. I think as a result, they are both very good at asking questions about these types of things. In fact, at age 5, Isabelle and Tyler were strolling down a cafe-lined street in Paris when she asked him, where do babies come out?  He gave her a frank reply and she shouted loudly "WHAT!?"

We gave them sporadic little lessons here and there, but I was always on the prowl for some sort of book or whatnot that I could sit down and read the facts out of, and then let them explore on their own. My friend in DC gave me this book randomly one day and there I had it... the perfect book.

"It's So Amazing" does a great job of helping kids learn about what happens to their bodies through puberty (omg did I just write that word on my blog?) and the story of how babies are born. It's just done really really excellently and in a very kid-friendly way. My kids read it for fun because they find it fascinating. Great illustrations, cartoons, and information. Well done, authors!

Anyway, there is my random homeschool mom tip for the day. You are welcome? Tee hee?

*ps if you think this post might be sponsored, then LOL


Photos from Phoenix, AZ.

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Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

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