In the US there is a place called Yogurtland, which is basically a place where unicorns drink from silvery sweet waters and rainbows tickle your nose. 

In other words, we love it. Self serve frozen yogurt, add as many toppings as you want, weight it by the ounce, pay, enjoy. We like to tell ourselves it is "healthy" and "non-addictive" and "normal to go there 7 days a week." One of the best parts is that when you walk in, the guy or gal working there will offer you some tiny, thumbnail sized taster cups so you can try interesting new flavors. 

In April while we were in Houston, we found ourselves in what I think was a Yogurtland but it could have been some other store very similar.  The four of us went through the process of choosing our flavors and our toppings, and while waiting to pay we witnessed a semi-elderly couple walk in. 

The employee happily offered the couple some tiny taster cups. They acted confused, decided to just work their way farther into the store, and walked in.  The employee was quite insistent, though, that they try out the flavors. "Taster cups!" he repeated, over and over.  It was then that pretty much everybody else in the store realized that these people spoke another language, not English, and by the looks of it had never had the Yogurtland experience... this is where things go downhill. I have no idea what language it was- I like to think we have heard lots of languages but this? No idea. Because I like to make assumptions, we'll say they were from Europe.

The Europeans slowly backed away from the employee. The woman looked at everyone else's fro-yo cups. Nice, big-sized cups full of deliciousness. You could see her thinking, "Why the crap can't I get a real cup?" The man turned and began to pick up 2 cups from a looming nearby stack. 

The employee again, with the shouting, "Taster cups! Try the flavors first!"

So the couple apparently feels like they are being yelled at and the man puts the cups back. You can see their slow retreat/shuffle toward the employee- he hands them 2 taster cups and then the couple goes to the machines to "try out the flavors".

OR... rather they fill those suckers so full and so high and so overflowing that the pile oozes over to their hands and wow, you can just see their confusion/disappointment. The man and woman are speaking a mile a minute to each other in their language, their faces... if I could only capture those expressions with words.

Quickly Tyler raced over to the machines and the next 20 seconds involved much pantomiming, but the light of realization in their eyes shows they understood. Who knows why mister employee of the month tried so hard to get them to try out the flavors....

Wont' stop us from going again!

From Chicago.

Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

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