kitchen islands and biology

Tonight Isaac had a little chat with our friend Reyna, who invited us over to stay with her family for a couple of days.  They have a beautiful home and Isaac apparently really liked it's design.

"I really like your kitchen island, how it's here in the middle of the kitchen, you know? It's so nice," commented Isaac.

"Oh? Really?" replied Reyna.

"Yes," said Isaac, "I am definitely getting one of these in my house."

Isaac began to deeply think about his future.

"I can't wait to get married and be a father.  I am going to SPOIL my children SO BAD.  It is going to be SOOO FUN!  We are going to have the most fun lives."

"You'll be a great father," encouraged Reyna. 

"Yeah, well… I'm just a little worried, though," came 8 year old Isaac's reply. His brow was furrowed.

"Why are you worried?" asked Reyna.

"I'm worried because I don't know if the egg and sperm will work. You know, sometimes they don't work and that doesn't create a baby.  It didn't work for my mom and dad, you know..."

Reyna at this point reports that she is absolutely dying. She's giggling inside and surprised at the turn of conversation. So as usual she makes a supportive comment. 

"Well, aren't you glad it didn't work, though, Isaac?  If it had, they wouldn't have needed to go find you! And you all wouldn't be together and don't you agree that you are glad your family is the way it is?"

Isaac readily agreed and happily ran off.  

Kids.  Oh, man. 

Photos from Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

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