Road Trippin'

"What do your kids do while you drive all those hours in the car?"

This is a question we get very frequently when we meet clients. It's true- our family spends a lot of time in the car driving back and forth across the continent. I thought we could share our favorite in-car activities for those families out there who are also road trip warriors or simply those who need more entertainment ideas!

First and foremost- we don't have a movie system in our truck. So movies are not an option and we like it this way. It's true that we pass a lot of beautiful scenery while driving, but it's a simple fact as well that some of the scenery is pretty blah. I don't think it's always reasonable for Tyler and I to expect the kids to enjoy the scenery all the time.

So from an early age, we pushed books on the kids. For the first year, this... Didn't work. I was a little disheartened that I didn't have reader kids. But in the second year that changed. Belle began to really love reading, which made Isaac seem to love it more too. So the majority of the time is spent reading with the dog as a lap blanket or book rest.

Speaking of the dog, North is a great source of car entertainment for the kids. He easily entertains them for 2-4 hour chunks at a time. I don't know exactly what they do back there but there are lots of giggles and he always exits the truck a little more groomed and brushed than when he got in.

We also let the kids play on our iPads for a duration of the trip. They love games like Stack the States, Monopoly, Scribblenauts, Soduku, and Sushi Monster; drawing apps like Paper 53 and sketchbook Pro; and Spanish language games such as Duolingo (by far the favorite).

Probably the best thing we ever set up for Belle, which Isaac also enjoys, is an old iPod touch with tons of kid music on it and that's it. We've got everything on the iPod from the Beatles to Taylor Swift to Kidz Bop (an abomination but they love it) to Mumford and Sons to Disney Soundtracks.  Best use of money/time goes to the iPod investment.

Isaac can spend hours drawing robots or tracing, but Belle cannot last more than 5 minutes drawing.

And finally, we play silly road trip games like 20 questions or "guess the name of the game, lame brain" which is a Whitacre family original.

We hope this helps you on your own road trip endeavors!


Images from Richmond, Virginia

Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

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