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On our very first trip to Boston for work in October, 2010, the four of us plus our lovely nanny (sheesh, those were the days) were driving to the house we had rented for the duration of our stay. Before renting, I had carefully researched what neighborhood was best and why, and was really happy to end up with a great apartment right next to a beautiful garden in a great part of town. 

But, as things sometimes do, something "went wrong" or got "mixed up" with our original apartment I had chosen and the landlady called to let us know of the problem, and "kindly" offered to switch us to another property, which was a huge 4 story house in another part of the Boston area. This place had countless rooms, an indoor jacuzzi spa, a gourmet kitchen and some other "perks" that the other place didn't have, and since we were quite literally on our way to the apartment to put the kids to bed and had no other convenient option, we took her up on the swap.   

Driving over to the replacement property, we watched scenery pass us by. The tight, cramped center of Boston gave way to neighborhoods with apartments, which led us to single family houses, which led us to... Dorchester. 

If you aren't familiar with the Dorchester area, let me describe it for you after assuring you that I hadn't either. It's the kind of area where  houses have bars on the doors and windows. Where driveways, small as they might be, are gated and locked, possibly with barbed wire on top for added security. It's the kind of place you'll drive by the corner convenience store and happen to glance at a sign on the door that says "No entrance if you are wearing a ski mask or hoodie."

So, yeah. Dorchester would be our home for the next 4 days, we were quickly realizing.  After the initial panic set in, we decided, hey, let's just make the best of this situation, after all, the house did have a locked driveway and bars over the windows so we would be so safe inside the house! We'd just have to sprint into the car and back into the house upon departing/arrival! Wearing our bulletproof vests and headgear!

Ugh.  So anyway, we go inside, flip on the tv, try to ease our discomfort. Oh, and what is on the news?  Just a shooting over the past weekend. In Dorchester. No biggie.

I'd like to leave you with a moral to this story. I think the only moral here is, if you get a call from the landlord of your rental saying they will switch you from a 2 bedroom tiny apartment to a sprawling 4 level mansion, please be suspicious.

(disclaimers: If you are from Dorchester please don't be offended. I don't really know anything about anything.  Also, if you are horrified that we stayed there anyway, please don't be offended, we don't know anything about anything.) 


Photos from St. Louis, MO. 

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Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
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