The moon is bright

Tyler and I teach a beginning camera course and through the years we have met many fabulous people in those classes.  They are always at night and of course we have our children with us all the time- so usually we have attendees meet us in our hotel suite or we meet at a private residence. 

Many years ago at one of the first ever "lite" class, the attendees were the unfortunate witnesses to the most extreme case of misbehaving children that I have yet to see from our own two kids. And one of them was the worst offender.

You see, we were in Utah staying at the Hotel Monaco. The hotel room was ginormous and super fancy because we were using it for another photographic job in the day. An old roommate of Tyler's was in town and I offered to teach the class by myself while he went and had a good time with his old chum. I put the kids to bed at 6:30 just in time for the class to start at 7.  

Well, I tried anyway.  The kids would NOT go to bed and were so wound up that they just kept talking and being silly, which was so unusual for them at that age!  I admit, I made threats and tried to bribe them, then just resorted to being mean old mom and finally just as the first student for the class knocked on the door, I thought they had finally given up and gone to sleep.

So, the class started as usual and not 20 minutes passed before it was obvious the kids were NOT asleep. Giggling turned into whining which turned into the bedroom door being slammed over and over to get my attention. I excused myself from the little class and went to give the kids a piece of my mind in the next room. 

Walking out after really laying into them, I thought "Ok, that should do it. They'll be quiet now."

Nope. I had to go in once more 20 minutes after that to give them a talking to. I could not believe it, my kids just weren't this naughty especially not when I really really asked them repeatedly to be obedient. 

So now we are about an hour into the class when I, with my back turned to the hallway where the bedroom door opened, saw a class participant's face sort of blush in shock and then immediately cover her eyes and gasp. Then all the other participants' eyes turned toward the hallway, and they gasped, and it was suddenly like time slowed waaaaaaay down. I felt like I slooooowly turned my head and body around, so afraid of what I would find…

The ladies in the class were totally giggling by now and finally my eyes reached the disturbance:

A tiny, skinny bum. Poking out from behind the end of the hallway corner. Just a bum, and a little leg, and this bum? Well, it was waggling. In mockery. Swinging up and down, and then, I heard it. The tiny little peals of laughter coming from my THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER*. 

Who was mooning us.

And really enjoying it.

I was so completely horrified. I probably blurted out "excuse me!" or perhaps "WHAT THE" or possibly even "&*$#%)@" before I ran toward the offender.

My goodness. I was so irate. I was really quite embarrassed. To make a long story short, I ended up making some sort of punishment for the little naughty sprite, pulled myself together, finished the class and got through it all. 

After the participants had left, the kids were for sure asleep (mooning is tiring), and I had detoxed from the embarrassment, etc., Tyler walked through the door in the most cheery mood. He had a great time with his old roommate!  Wanted to talk all about the good times! The reminiscing!  The laughter of the evening!

But one stone cold look from me and he knew something had gone wrong. I explained, in horror, what Isabelle had done! How naughty those little kids were. THE MOONING! 

Tyler could only laugh. He thought it was hilarious. But I? No. I could not get over the offense. I am happy to report, four years later, that I too now think the story is hilarious. In fact, we told Belle the story a few days ago and she was shocked (and a little proud) that she had done something like that.

"I must have been really spunky back then, mom!" she said while laughing at her old antics.

Oh Isabelle. You have no idea.


*story retold here on the blog with Isabelle's permission, of course :) 


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Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

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