Toe shoes

A few years ago, when our children were quite small and we still lived in Southern California, Tyler was getting interested in the newish phenomenon called barefoot running.  In the interest of experimenting and trying things out, he went to the shops and bought some running shoes unlike any other I'd seen up to that point. These shoes are called VIbram Five Fingers and are basically gloves for feet- with thin soles. 

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Upon returning home with the shoes, I pretty much demanded to see them on his feet. Because he is a nice person, Tyler put on the shoes so I could see. In walked Isaac as Tyler tried them on. In his little voice, Isaac asked, "Dad? Where are your feet?"  

Tyler laughed and said, "These are my feet! Do you like them?" 

With a skeptical look, Isaac replied, "No, I mean, were are your real feet?"

Always one to keep a joke going as long as possible, Tyler said, "Yeah these are now my feet, do you like them?"

Isaac's eyes started to tear up and his voice wavered as he said, "No dad. I do NOT like those MONSTER FEET!"

So sad, but of course if you know us well you know we laughed our heads off.


From Columbus, Ohio.

Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer

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