babydog- read if you like babydogs too.

So, how do I say this.... 

We got a dog. 

Yes. Our traveling family got a dog. A traveling dog. His name is North and he is white and fluffy.

Way back when we lived a normal life in a house, the kids wanted a dog. I'm including Tyler there, he wanted one too. My opinion was NO WAY mostly because I've never had a dog and I had heard that they pooped a lot, and barked, and ate furniture that you didn't want them to eat. So I was not a fan of the idea. 

As years passed the family liked to imagine us having a dog (not me though, I liked to not imagine one more thing to care for on the road). And everyone agreed pretty much that it wouldn't work out but it was nice to dream.  

But then one day, something changed. Well actually a lot changed- we ended up getting that house on wheels we've been talking a lot about lately. And to make a long story short, a puppy found it's way into our house on wheels.   

We freaking love this dog. It is a bundle of awesome and I'm not even embarrassed to say that I am obsessed with him.  In so many ways, it turns out that we really are the perfect family for a dog. We are always around, outdoors a lot, active. A perfect match.

If you are still reading, I think you'll enjoy this little story about how happy Belle is that we have a pup.

Recently in the greater Boston area, we decided to go on a family walk to World's End preserve, which is all kinds of awesome. It was the first time we "officially" took the dog out on a drive for the purpose of going on a walk/hike.  So we get out of the car, get on the trail, and Belle turns to me and says, "Mom, this... this is a day I'll never forget. North's first adventure walk!"   

So I about died at the cute.  

We ended up walking North right into the sea, for his first swim, and I admit it was a pretty cool thing to watch our babydog swim (I promise never to refer to him as babydog again). Belle thought it was so amazing... she looked up at me and in the softest of voices whispered, "Mom, are my eyes tearing up? Because I'm crying the proudest happy tears I've ever cried."

Welcome to the family, North! 




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