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Looking through our calendar tonight I realized we have nearly a week open this month. I'm not sure where this week came from but there it is.  So- is there anyone on the eastern side of the country who would like us to visit their city? Please let us know.

We thought we'd throw out some dates that we can hold Lite workshops for anybody who is interested!  The Lite class is 2 hours long, is $165, and here's a description:

  • Participants should be prepared to learn all about their DSLRs- including what the buttons and dials do, how to shoot in Aperture, Shutter Speed and Manual modes, how to properly expose and read the meter, how the camera works, etc.  The ideal participant is somebody who has little to no knowledge of taking exposures or a person who has previously had no luck reading the manual :)  Once again: by the time you leave, you will understand how to take your camera out of auto mode and into more useful modes, and know why you're doing so. 
  • We'll be teaching ONLY about cameras and how to use them. Photoshop will not be covered, nor will there be portfolio building exercises.  An emphasis of the workshop will be how to get exposures right in camera so you don't have to use editing software to fix them.  Also, you won't learn technical mumbo-jumbo.  We teach Blue Lily-style, which means we explain through showing, rather than using confusing words that don't make sense.

SO- if you'd like to join us this fall for a beginner's course in camera speak,  check the dates below to see if we will be in your town (all classes are at 7:45 pm unless noted):

Chicago: Monday, September 10 (this will be at 10am)

Philadephia: Wednesday, September 19

Boston: Tuesday, October 2

Manhattan NYC: Monday, October 15

Washington DC area: Thursday Oct 25

Atlanta: Saturday, November 3

Phoenix: Thursday November 15

To sign up, simply email us with interest at  We'd love to teach you.

Beautiful smiling sisters. Calgary, Alberta.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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