Summer Camp! a workshop for every woman

You know how we do these goPro workshops every so often and we come back from them and say what a good time we had, it was so awesome, etc.?

Well, now we're launching a new kind of workshop called SUMMER CAMP.  It's an overnight retreat for women where ANYWOMAN, even the most beginning-est of beginners can come and enjoy the benefits of practicing and learning more about photography.

The first SUMMER CAMP we're holding is in Park City, Utah, on June 22-23rd.

The second will be in the Philadelphia, PA area on Sept 21-22nd.

Tyler and I are so excited about this because readers and clients have expressed interest in learning about photography, but have any number of reasons why the goPro isn't for them. Either they don't know much about the art of photography, they don't understand the technical side, they don't actually want to go Pro, or they simply don't have a "good enough" camera.

If you feel like you might be that person, this Blue Lily Summer Camp is for you!

So here's the lowdown on Summer Camp.

What you'll learn:

How to use your camera (any digital camera)

How to take portraits

How to use free editing softward like iPhoto or Picasa

How to manage/import/store your images

How to take great vacation pictures

How to create better family videos

Indoor photography with natural light

What you'll experience:

A positive, supportive, creative learning environment

improved knowledge of all things photo related

an overnight stay in a beautiful retreat house

good times with women of similar interests

lots of fun together in a gorgeous setting

A gourmet French meal for you to enjoy with your new friends

We want you there!

Price is $495, which includes all food and housing. You can choose to stay one more night at the retreat house for only $50. 

If you have any questions about the SUMMER CAMP just email us at info@bluelilyphotography. We are happy to answer everything.  And please come, we'd be so thrilled to meet you and share our love of photography. 

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

From Sydney, Australia. *sigh*

ALSO announcing the next goPro workshop in Salt Lake City this summer! This one is for those wanting to... go Pro.  August 17-18th.  2 day workshop for $898 not including housing at $50 a night. 

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah