Sometimes, when you take your family to enjoy beaches like this:

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

Your car gets broken into and you get robbed!

Sure, being robbed is no fun. But.....

I've got nothing.

It's just not fun. 

Oh! Ok! Here it is.  But..... at least the theives didn't take MORE of our stuff!  Yes, because we aren't complete morons. We did know the risk. Mentally I was prepared to get stuff stolen in Costa Rica, we've heard so many stories.  So we never took our camera gear off of our bodies while out and about.  

Things stolen:  The Blue Lily Tent. ouch. (We didn't know it was in the car at all. It was supposed to be in the camping suitcase at the Ghosty Hotel,but strangely, wasn't.)

Rental Car Stereo. (when we noticed this we were like, what? This piece of crap car had a stereo?)

Rain gear.  (whoops, my bad for shoving it under the seat to save space.)

And that's it!  We considered ourselves victors, in the end. That is, until we backed the car out of the beach parking lot and hit a tree.



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