the belly laugh

So.... homeschool.  I hate to say it, but last year was not our most stellar year of schooling, because frankly we were really liking the whole "play a lot" frame of mind. So we did school in a hurry all the time, and took a 4 month long summer break. 

This year, we are doing a really, really great job at homeschooling the kids, if we do say so ourselves. The kids are reading a lot, being all mathematical and stuff, and learning how to recite poems. 

So, today, we found ourselves in a beautiful place full of autumn leaves and stone fences.  I thought, "hey, I'll just take a video of the kids reciting some of their current poetry so they can see themselves speaking."  

Isabelle went first, recited without a hitch. Then Isaac sat atop the stone fence, and this happened:

Oh man. It was so funny in person, hopefully that translates through the interwebs. I laughed so hard during, and let out a good belly laugh each of the 30 times we watched it afterwards. The kids thought it was so funny, and even funnier that I thought it was so funny, and yeah, it had been a long time since I laughed really well.  

As kids grow up it's hard not to think back at when they were little and cute and less mobile and less opinionated. However, I have to say, that Tyler and I are really enjoying this slightly older stage.  It's the best when we can all sit around and enjoy humor together, even at one of our own's expense.  It's really great that when we are together so much of the time, they are old enough to remember everyone's preferences on how to act, what makes each other happy, and what makes each other laugh.

As a bonus, on the next take of Isaac's recitation, a giant drop of rain fell off a leaf from the tree above and landed right on the tip of his nose. He jumped, startled, and yelled at the sky with his silliest voice and a fist in the air, "How dare you, tiny toilet in the sky!!!!"

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah