the ballad of Mona Lisa

Isaac and Isabelle are mad at the Mona Lisa.

We were discussing it yesterday in the car. And by discussing, I mean, Isaac was completely irate about the painting and Isabelle just kept saying, "I don't get it! I don't get it!"

You see, our car had just passed a billboard with the image of the Mona Lisa on it. Isabelle said, "Isaac and I reneckerize that lady!"

Isaac chimed in, "Yeah, I rememberize her all right."


Tyler and I laughed and laughed. 

But anyway, they remember the lady because we visited the Louvre two summers ago for the first time, and like all other tourists in the Louvre that day, we headed straight for the Mona Lisa, you know, why not.

And it was deathly hot in there, and the entire world was in this one room all jockeying for the best position to see the Mona Lisa, and nobody would take turns, and WOW there were so many bodies in there, and did you know the Mona Lisa is pretty small? And you can't get near it? And your children will get trampled underfoot by 1,000 strangers if they try to get a peek? And then they will cry? And simulaneously sweat?

It's true. And then when we brought the kids away from the crowds and the people and tried to expain the significance of the painting, tried to make it a little better experience... they just shook their heads, and mumbled stuff like, "But it's so small" and I think I heard Isaac say really quitely, "She's not even pretty."

Hilario.  I'll always reneckermemberize this funny conversation.

From our time in Versailles, the day after that fateful Louvre visit. :)

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Palace grounds... we took a really, really long walk all over Versailles. And for those of you who might like to find cheap lodging near Paris, check out Huttopia Versailles, which is a campground with tents, cabins, etc. So fun.

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 Ferme de Gally

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and doing who knows what!

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