A little lighthearted, informative FAQ on this Monday morning:

Q: So... what camera platform are you guys really using? Nikon? Canon? You seem to switch yearly!

A: Well, yes.  We switch and then switch back, and then halfway through our switch we change our minds. So the short answer is, we shoot both Nikon and Canon. The long answer is= Nikon and Canon.

Q: Do you guys ever get sick of constantly being on the move?

A: No. We honestly never get sick of it- but sometimes it feels really, really good to stay in one place. Unpacking our packs or suitcases into drawers feels soooo right sometimes.

Q:  I may have missed it, but why are you leaving your home and minimizing the "stuff"? I know you travel for work, but would like to hear why you will not have a home base. What are your future plans?

A: We are leaving our home and getting rid of our stuff because the last 2 years have taught us that stuff is not necessary.  We've loved our home, but while our kids are young and we all love to see the world, we think we ought to take advantage of it.  I think we'll always think of Southern California as our "home base", and Utah as well. The more we see the world, the more places we feel like are our "home".  We plan on doing what we are doing for the next few years at least. We take it one year at a time!

Q: Are you guys vegetarian? 

A: Yes. If by "you guys" you mean Tyler and I.  The kids eat meat when they can get their hands on it, we aren't making that decision for them. But we do encourage them to eat mostly whole foods.

Q: Does anyone ever tell you your kids look exactly like each other?  And exactly like you?

A: Yes. All the time.  It's cool!

Q: Where is your most favorite place you've been in the world?

A: We get this as our #1 question.  Here are our answers:

          Tyler:  mind your own beeswax. (Japan, Norway, Ireland)

          Wendy: JAPAN!!!!!

          Isabelle: Japan! and New Zealand.

          Isaac: France. and Japan. and Norway. And Ireland. And New Zealand. And New York City.

Q: How do you find the energy to take your kids with you on all your adventures. I find that even thinking about taking my kids on a plane makes my head hurt.

A:  I can say that at one point, I felt like you. A vacation to me was, sadly, leaving the kids at home. But that was when they were really really young, still babies. Now, Tyler and I both agree that taking kids to new places is so much easier than it sounds, because everywhere is a destination for them. Everything is exciting, new, and more fun through the eyes of a kid. We''ve had countless experiences WITH them on trips that we would never had without them.  One hint: carry a little snack in the bag at all times. And water, for crying out loud.

Q: Wendy, did you get bangs? And are they the cutest things ever?

A: Why, yes! I did! And I admit I made this question up myself!

 Two oldies but goodies.  Hard drives are packed away.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

Above, Maryland. Below, Ireland.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah