Winner and stuff to say.

Congrats Alli Brown, you won our Fuji Instax! Sweet.  We'll email you and send it off. Thanks everyone for your comments. We thought about buying everyone who commented and Instax, but then woke up from a dream. ha.

Well, it's safe to say the last two days have totally kicked our booties.  Tyler and I are completely worn out and even the kids are emotionally drained.  We are technically out of the house although there is re-painting left to do. It turns out that making your whole house of stuff disappear is pretty complicated.

Let us tell you whatwe learned NOT to do, and for those of you who already learned this lesson the hard way, go ahead and laugh. We know you feel our misery.

What not to do: Don't take your child on an errand to drop off your things forever at Goodwill. It's a very very bad idea. Because when he hops out of the car to be helpful and carry things inside for you, he will see the stuffed puppy you are giving away that he allegedly loved and the comforter that went on his bed for 3 years and yes even the ugly old fan that served as his "sleeping noise" since birth. 

And then that boy will cry, deep sobs even, about how he's sick of giving his stuff away and can't he just keep his fan and his puppy dog that he never played with????

Your heart will be broken, and you might even question your current parenting choices and second guess your entire lifestyle.

So, that is my advice. Of course that was very hard, but then I realized, this behavior was really unusual for our Isaac, and maybe this was just his lack of sleep and hunger talking. I suggested this to him. Isaac was apalled that I would suggest it.  But off we went to fill his belly and you know what? He was a new boy. 

"Mom, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings when I said I was sick of giving my stuff away. I have my legos. That's all I need."

All is right again in the world. Or maybe after 20 straight hours of sleep it will be!

Image is a re-post from May in NYC. I would like to feel awake enough to jump like this.

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