Hot Moms.

Arizona ladies, my trip to Arizona for Hot Mom/Valentines Day shoots will be on January 30th and 31st (Scottsdale).  

Utah ladies, the Hot Mom shoots will be on January 23-24th (Salt Lake City).  

I'd attach a picture of a Hot Mom as an example image here, but, tiny children read this blog. So, I won't.  But here is what will be included in the Hot Mom Package:

- $300 for a personal, 1 hour session with 10 5x7 prints

- $1000 for a 2 hour, bring your 3 friends session, each of you gets 10 5x7s. THESE ARE INSANELY FUN SESSIONS.

In both Arizona and Utah, the sessions will be held in a super swanky, upscale location.  Your final images will be edited and returned to you within 5 days of your session. Your prints will be delivered asap, or at least as soon as you tell me which prints you want!  

As a side note: These sessions are to show you looking your best. Any other goal is up to you. You can come prepared to wear whatever you want, and I can explain more in a personal email ( if you have questions. I do all the editing personally, and aside from basic skin retouches as desired, I do no heavy retouching.

To book your session or to ask questions, email me at  Bring yourself, or bring your gals, you won't regret it ;)




BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah