sleep swimming

One night recently, the four of us found ourselves, once again, tucking into our sleeping bags in our great, spacious 54 man, two bedroom tent.  It does feel like it could sleep 54. 

The routine is:  

We get all jammed up

We walk to bathroom to brush teeth and go potty

We tuck the kiddies into the mummy bags

We read Harry Potter until their eyes droop

We fall asleep

It's all so simple and good-old-timey family fun.  People wonder why we camp so much, and that's why. It's easy. It's fun. And, it helps the kids build character.  Right?

So this one night, we tucked in, fell asleep, and, about 4 hours later, the rain came pouring down.  With a 76 man tent, there's a lot of roof on the tent, and therefore more surface for the rain to fall on. That's math for you, right there. I'm a math and science whiz.

I noticed the rain, and thought, "Oh. It's raining."  And then went back to sleep. 

An hour after that, I woke to a massive raindrop falling right into my eye.

"How completely RUDE!" I thought… And then went back to sleep.

Hours and hours of heavy duty rain later, it was morning.  When I opened my eyes, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I looked to my left, towards the parlor of the tent. (I call it the parlor, you know, because the tent is so large and fancy, and why not? But really the parlor is also the foyer and the toy room and the kid's bedroom, but never the kitchen. Tents are flammable.)  

There, my eyes gazed upon Tyler, looking more despaired than ever.  He reported immediately upon seeing my state of being awake, that the rain fly had flown up in the middle of the night, allowing free access into the Great Room (i.e. kid's modern sleeping loft), which drenched our kids, their mummy bags, the sleeping pads they don't sleep on, their pillows, their jammies, their HAIR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, their undies, etc. 

The kids had slept for who knows how long in 2 inches deep water. 


(It should be noted here, that the corner of the rainfly that flew up was kinda, sorta, completely MY responsibility to tie down. Which I'm pretty sure I did, but evidence kinda sorta states otherwise).


Now here's the kicker.  When Tyler asked the kids, "Hey, poor little things, why didn't you wake us up and tell us you were getting soaked?"  The response was….

"We can wake you up when you are asleep?"

From Chicago.

ps: we still have some room in our next goPro workshop

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah