We don't make this stuff up

(Thanks for all your kind comments and correspondance about us finding our bag again. We appreciate you!)

Today was the day that we got packed up and headed out for the next month's adventures.  This next 30 days involve car travel from Salt Lake City to Seattle, Portland, back to Seattle, Victoria BC, Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, Glacier National Park, and back to Salt Lake City. Last year this was one amazing trip, and this year we added a few more stops in.  

We will camp the whole way around and our hippie, non-showering souls love every second of it. Note to clients: we will probably shower before your session but maybe not? jk.

Whilst packing our Prius full of stuff outside my parents' garage, we heard my dad yelling out in pain, "Help... Help me!" in the most alarming of voices. I dropped everything and ran toward the voice with Tyler close behind.  We found my dear dad in the window well of the basement, on his back, in immense pain. He had stepped backward and fallen on his back on the rocks in the well. 

I will pause here to say a message to my dad: Pops, I love you, and please stay away from window wells.  

I will now resume to say that my dad is a swell fellow, and seems to be ok.  What a trooper.  He has an amazing attitude and faith, as does my mom.

So after that trauma was over, we left on our trip! Hoooray! The open road!  Just the four of us, on our own! We decided to drive 6.5 hours to Boise and spend the night. Like our typical trip, Tyler and I talk a lot and nap occasionally as the kids entertain themselves in the back.

24 miles outside of Boise, the gas gauge beeped a warning that we were low on gas.  We immediately passed a gas station thinking, eh!  We will hit the next one!  


20 miles outside of Boise, we ran out of gas. Just plain dried up. I will note that this is the first time the Prius has betrayed us. Or, is it us that have betrayed the Prius but not satiating her thirst? Don't answer that.

20 miles outside of Boise, one and a half hours later, we are filled up to the two gallon mark thanks to AAA.  

19 miles outside of Boise, Tyler and I feel the sting of the STUPIDITY of our decision lift, and we immediately start joking about pushing these 2 gallons as far as they'll go until we run out of gas again. This idea is, for some reason, SO FUNNY to us.

You know, because sitting on the side of the highway in flat, descriptionless, middle of nowhere Idaho is fun!

0 miles outside of Boise, I sit here blogging, the boys are sleeping, and Belle is snoring her dainty little head off.

Good night everyone, thanks for reading.

From Flower Mound, Texas. Stunning couple who made all of us Bluelilies an amazing vegetarian picnic dinner. Zarha and Niel, to be frank, you complete us. 

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah