Dudes, we are leaving

We BlueLilies are off to OZ! We are at the airport facing a long flight- wish us luck.

Things I'm noting:

1. Now that we are at an airport and no longer with our car, the long term traveling seems much more real. We really are stuck with what's in 3 suitcases and a few carry-ons for a long time. I hope I packed right. :)

2. The kids are about to get their world rocked. Hopefully in a good way.

3. I'm so glad we are doing Australia right this time. Last time Tyler and I hurried our way through in order to get home to the kids- this time we are going to take it more slowly.

4. New Zealand!!!! We are going to visit New Zealand!!!

5. This airport is freezing.

Well friends, talk to you in a few days. Say hi to Wednesday, we are skipping over it. :)


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