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So happy to announce this next workshop for the United States.  We are going to repeat last year's success in SALT LAKE CITY!  August 19-20th, 2011.

Be there, or be not there  square!  This will be a really fun workshop, where you can learn and experience the following in our 2 day, $898 workshop:

- learn to see and use light

- interact with clients, keep them happy, and attract new ones

- Finding inspiration/staying creative and fresh


-business structure

and a lot more- we have an open mouth policy. Which means we will tell you ANYTHING.  :) Also, we teach in groups of 12, which is really small compared to other workshops.

Just in case you are one of those fence-sitters, thinking about coming, but not quite sure... please know that you will not regret the decision.  Below are some posts by past workshoppers, praising the goPro workshop and all that occurs therein!  

So, to sum up:

August 19-20th.  Salt Lake City.  Party House, oh yeah.  $898, not including housing- and housing will run out. Housing is $50 a night. Food is included.  Folks staying in the party house will check in on the 18th and out on the 21st.  Bring your fine selves and have a great time!*  

This will likely be our 2nd to last goPro workshop this year in the states because of our world tour.

Just FYI- our attendees always meet such good friends at these workshops.  Which is why we are having a gigantic reunion, also in SLC, the following weekend.  So when you leave the workshop crying because you'll miss your new friends so much, don't blame us. We can't help the awesomeness.

Now, in case you have a spare hour:  Read Cam's Review.

Read Kelley's Review,  Meg's Review,  Niki's ReviewTrish's reviewCrystal's review, and sheesh there are many others but my internets are groaning. I miss speedy internets. 

*It should be noted that the last time we goPro-ed in SLC multiple people peed their pants from laughing so hard. Consider yourself warned.  Email to sign up!

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