Trolley Racer

In San Francisco this week- it rained. And rained. And then rained some more.  After 3 days of soggy pants, socks and shoes, we gave up and left.

The highlight of our week was when we gave up trying to do business for a while and went out to show the kids all the touristy stuff. We went to fisherman's wharf, at Ghirardelli's sundaes and looked at all the big ships tied to the piers.  

On our way back to the car, we were faced with a gigantic hill to climb up- and in the middle of the street, a trolley waited. The driver called out to us, "You mean parents gonna let your kids walk up that big ol' hill?" in a teasing voice.  Isaac, thinking he was serious, said back, "We don't need a ride- we can make it up ourselves!"

It was so cute- he completely took the guy seriously.  The two looked each other in the eye- and before I even knew it a race had begun. Isaac tore off up the hill. The little guy is wiry and fast.  The trolley driver pressed his lever and up the hill he began. 

Seeing Isaac gain on him- I think I saw the trolley driver become taken aback a bit by Isaac's speed and crazy determination.  But this guy was not about to be beaten by a 6 year old. He pressed on the trolley lever all the way- and surged up the hill. 

The two were neck and neck.  Suddenly Isaac became aware of all the trolley riders.  They were cheering him on!  And Tyler, Belle, our Nanny Alexandria and I, all of us cheering him on! He glanced all around to admire his audience admiring him.  I think he may have been prouder looking than I've ever witnessed.  

Sadly, that mean ol' (super nice) trolley driver started to pull ahead of Isaac- much to the chagrin of the his passengers.  Isaac was not going to give up, but we, his family, had to pull him back into reality.  As he slowed and turned back to us, I could see he was not dissapointed. The boy had put up a good fight. A really, really adorable fight.

The boy talked about the race for at least 30 minutes afterwards. Beaming, discussing, talking about every little detail.  I've replayed his beaming chatter over and over in my head ever since.  

Cutest thing ever? Yes. Yes, yes, yes. 

Photo taken in the Marin Headlands. Rainy.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah