Thank you, wonderful readers, for the amazing and much appreciated advice given through facebook and comments and email regarding our upcoming trip(s).  You all are the best (sniff!).  Tyler and I really value your readership and are thankful that you stop by our space 5 days a week.

It seems as though many of you would like to know our preparations for this trip, and we'll be happy to share. We will of course share many pictures and tales of our trip with you, perhaps even oversharing at times? :)

I thought that I'd pop in here tonight before bed and answer some simple, easy to answer reader questions we've had lately, as random as they are (and they are VERY random):

1. Do you guys homeschool your children?  What curriculum do you use?

    Yes, we do homeschool both our children (Isaac is in 1st grade, Isabelle is in preschool).  We have the K-12       courses but really, we do our own thing 90% of the time. We teach what we feel is right in that moment.         It's very fun that way, kids stay interested, and we feel free.  We've found there is a lot of good to say about     making your own schedules, courses, units, or... lack thereof.  The kids are really liking this and responding       so well- and blossoming every day. They are happy little things.

2. Tyler is your beard really reddish?

    Yes. Ladies, that is all natural reddish beard. :)  (ps... who dyes their beard red, anyway? Just wondering.)

3.  What is your favorite lens?

     Tough one.  Wendy:  the 70-200mm 2.8.  Tyler: 35mm 1.4.

4.  Wendy you said you'd tell us the stories of your kids' adoptions. Will you pretty please tell us?

     OK, I will.  But not today. Another day, I promise.

5.  Do you like working together?

     I will give a very honest answer: YES. We love, love, love working together. It just clicks. Tyler is really easy      to work with, and we like to play A LOT. So we get to think of new ways to make work be playtime. 

6.  How do you find your locations when you are out of town?

     If we told you we'd have to _______ you.

7.  Do you have any space left in your February 25th-26th goPro workshop?

     Funny you should ask. We have a couple of spots left. Also, you should read these two new reviews about        the last one:

      Click here for Laurie's review.  Click here for Lori's review.  These are so good even  I'm thinking of paying         to attend my own workshop.

Here are some photos from the beach house at the last goPro.  Same scene, First one taken at 5:10 pm. next taken at about 11:00 pm.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah