There are two times in my life that I have felt terror.

This is not one of them.  Ok, it is.  Just me being stupid.

I am in Rockland County New York.  I am 21.  It is 10:30 at night.  I am riding home after a long day.  My friend is driving the car.  We travel in a 1995 Chevy Cavalier.  Because this is how we roll.

It is late June.  It is as hotter than it has ever been.  Well, technically it is hotter than it has ever been since they started tracking the weather in Rockland County.  Sue me. 

We walked a lot today.  The book in my backpack was wet; it looked like it had been halfway dipped in water.  I guess that it had.  Only instead of being dipped in a pool of water, it had leached the water from my sweaty back.  Pretty image, amiright?

As we had walked from house to house, I drank a glass of water at every opened door.  I had not peed all day.

As we drove home the temperature finally dipped enough so that the air entering my rolled down window felt cool instead of hot and wet. 

I enjoy the dark cold air more than any of the water that I had drunk during the scorching day.  We are in the middle of a 45-minute drive.  The road that travels the drive is surrounded by trees.  We pass few houses and almost no cars at this time of night.  My unfocused gaze is filled with blurred trees.

The heat has caused a rolling blackout.  As we drive on top of the empty cooling asphalt I see the outline of darkened light posts.  400 meters ahead a car is paused at the blinking traffic light.  It is a green small 80’s car.  I am awesome at cars.

300 meters turns to 100.  The car is still.  He must be fiddling with his radio or something.

We brake to stop for the broken light.  The blurred woods bordering the road resolve into individual trees.  We edge up along the car.

As our front wheels pass the green car’s rear wheels, my hair stands on edge. 

We pull beside the car.  My friend stops completely.  A second passes.  We are still stopped.  I glance at him, and notice that he is staring forward with an eerie steadfastness.  He must notice my glance, but will not acknowledge it. 

I turn my head away from him and it continues until I am looking at the green car.  I see am amber silhouette.  My eye is drawn to curly hair.  A woman alone by herself in a stalled car.

The head slowly swivels.  The curly hair changes from amber to bright red as it recedes out of the amber glow of the instrument gauge- an unnaturally brilliant red that forms a triangle of curls.  The red curls meet white flesh.

The swivel stops and I am staring into the white face and bright red smile of a circus clown. 

At 10:30 at night. 

On a lone road. 

In the middle of nowhere.

A FREAKING circus clown.

It is okay.  It is not that odd.  I am sure that there is a rational explanation.  He just got finished with a late children’s party.  Or circus practice.

Or murder.


Not scary: Our assistant Chantel and her husband. Cute.

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