Day Four.

Four days down without Tyler. 3 to go!  

I've started packing and sorting and doing things that people do when they move. I guess I didn't really realize that we are pretty much moving, just for a short 9 month stint, though. But still!  The cleaning! The sorting! The findings of objects unknown under furnitures!

So here are some things on my mind:

- does anyone know a good option for cell coverage around the world? Follow up on that: can I live for months without a phone? Email at fingertips? Will I die? I have an AT&T iphone and would love to use it everywhere... but the rates will kill me for sure.

- does thinking about going around Japan as a 5'8" freckled, non japanese speaking redhead make anyone else nervous?

- where should we store our 2 cars while we are gone?

- how many calories did I consume today? wow.

- Does anyone in Australia know of a good campervan option for us in Sydney? Most require a 7-14 day stay and we won't be there that long.

- Lastly: does anyone want to do all my work while I sleep longer every day? No?  *crickets*

Happy Valentines Day, all.  The lil' bluelillies and I have a lot of fun planned. 

And none of it has to do with packing :)


Oh, Canada! (Calgary, to be exact.)

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