Birth stories

Recently through conversations while at sessions, we've realized that many people don't know our childrens' origins. I've tried to write  a post trillions of times that adequately tells the story of how the Whitacres began. It just never comes out right. I do want to tell it, but it seems so lengthy. I think I'll start short and if we want to expound later, so be it. 

And of course, if you want to ask questions about how we adopted our children or any other detail, just ask in the comments and we'll answer.

The story truly begins one night when Tyler and I were out on a walk. As we walked, we each expressed our desires to acquire a little dude or dudette.  We knew babies weren't going to be created by the two of us without expensive medical procedures. A comment was made by one of us, something so simple- "We can't do choice X, so why don't we do choice Y?" Suddenly we were pointed right in the direction of our path. We walked home with a lot of courage. Just the courage we needed to start our family.

We were going to adopt.

Isaac's story begins with a phone call. Imagine: "Hello, Whitacres! There's a baby boy here. He might be yours!" Yeah. That happened. "What does MIGHT mean?" We asked.  

What it meant was, we had to fight for him. We answered very hard emotional questions, we waited and waited and waited, we wondered and tortured ourselves wondering about who else was fighting for him. And soon, there we were, in a NICU, holding a 3.7 pound baby boy. 

And he was ours, so we brought him home. Just like that. Suddenly it all seemed so simple: you diaper, you feed, you fall in love. A family was born.

Isabelle's story begins with the internet. A birthmother across the country looking for a family who was (and I don't make this awesomeness up) "cool." Guess what? We are cool!  In a flurry of excitement we three Whitacres packed our bags and flew to New Jersey to meet Isabelle's birthmother.

So the first time we were in Isabelle's presence, she heard us through the womb. I wonder if she could hear the excitement in our voices? in a moment of pure bliss, we were able to feel her shifting around the womb. Isaac was able to sing to her, through the womb. Soon, she was born.

And she was ours, so we brought her home. And just like that, it was simple again. You touch, you sing, you fall in love. A family was complete.

There it is, our story, Cliffs Notes version. Of course you realize that large chunks are missing. But this story is simple, and in that is beauty. In fact, I think if i had written in all of the emotions, the waiting, the pain felt by birth families, the story would still feel simply beautiful.

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