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My trip to France last week was designed to be short and sweet. Get in, get back, enjoy the holidays with the family.  

The flight over was completely uneventful, unless you count the baby who screamed in the seat behind me for 8 hours straight.

The bus ride to location #1 was non existant due to a bus strike. I might have panicked a little as the wounds are still fresh from our last Paris experience with a strike. (I'd link to the post here, but as the trauma is so deep, we haven't written that experience yet (I am being a tad dramatic (though I hate to admit it))).

I had a chance to hang out with a dear friend between jobs before I hopped on a train to location #2. During said train ride, I blinked... and when I opened my eyes it was two hours later, none of my bags were stolen, and I had arrived. Success.

19 hours later I missed the train back to Paris. Whoops.

4 hours later I boarded another train headed for Paris. I blinked, and when I opened my eyes it was two hours later. I must have been tired.

In Paris, I took a little walk at around midnight to sight see. My hotel was very near the Eiffel Tower, so I briskly walked there and took my camera in case I wanted to snap some night pictures.  When I arrived near the Trocadero area I placed my camera on a big thick wall, got my settings right, and took the picture below. 

4 seconds later I realized my fingers where frozen through. Numb. So I hauled it back to the hotel room where I slept for as long as possible before....

I woke up and dashed to the airport. The flight home was completely uneventful, unless you count the two little &*%$#s behind me kicking my seat HARD for 9 hours straight.  

It was a quick trip, but so very worth it!

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