but what about the game?

Last fall I took Isaac to his first football game.  My alma mater was playing.  It was the first game that I had been to since graduation.  Wendy’s dad and Isaac and I went to the game together.  It was a bright cloudless day; a perfect autumn game day.

We arrived at the stadium and took our seats three rows from the top.  We were near midfield, so it was a good view despite the height.  The stadium was packed and I was excited to be there.  I looked down and smiled at Isaac.  He returned my smile with a closed mouth squinty eyed grin. 

The opposing team kicked the ball and the stadium roared.  I was reminded of the exhilaration of being amidst 60,000 rooting fans.  I smiled broadly.  I turned towards Isaac to see his reaction to the fun.

He was in tears. 

“What is the matter Isaac?”  I asked, confused.

“Why is everyone yelling so loud?”  He asked.

I had done a poor job preparing him for the noise.  He asked to leave three minutes after kickoff and my excitement at spending the afternoon with my son and father-in-law was replaced by cajoling him to stay.  I bought him frozen lemonade and allowed him to face the bleachers “because it is more interesting” and we made it through the game.

On Tuesday, Isaac and Wendy and I went to a basketball game.  Isabelle had had a long day and was asleep. 

Remembering the football game, I have low expectations.

“Isaac, just so you know, it is going to be really loud in there.  People are going to be yelling, but it just means that they are excited that their team is doing well.”

“Ok, dad. “

“If you want, you can join in.  You can yell good job or clap if you like.”

“Ok, dad, but I am not going to do that.”

That is fine.  Just so long as we avoid the crying.  We take our seats and the crowd roars at our first basket.  This time, instead of excitement I feel dread.  I look down at Isaac. 

The kid is beaming.  This, he likes.  He tries out a soft clap.  He is pleased with himself.

The game continues and so does Isaac’s fervor.  He yells “DEFENSE! DEFENSE!”, “GOOD JOB GUYS!”, and once I think I hear him yell “Hurt them!”  A bit too much fervor possibly.

The crowd boos the ref.  Isaac asks Wendy what is happening.  She explains that when people don’t like something, they say boo. 

He then boos the opposing team every time they make a shot, every time they foul, every time they do anything that he does not like.  He actually becomes a little boo happy, and sometimes accidentally boos our team.

The kid loves basketball as much as he hates football.  As we leave the game, he looks up at me and says this is the best day ever. 

I don’t understand it, but who am I to disagree?


Our friends (and the kids' art history teacher) in the lemon grove.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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