It's Raining Men (Wait, What!!) er, It's Raining, Man

Wendy is away.  When she went on her first photo trip a few years ago, I was a man about it.  I bid her farewell.  Had a little party.  Place to myself.  I was a free man.  I kicked my feet up and enjoyed myself.  

For approximately one day.  Then I quickly devolved into a shell of myself and assumed the fetal position for the next four days.  

That was when I used to be a man about it.  Now, I miss her from the moment the garage door closes.  It is sick.  But, it is true.

But notwithstanding, this sad sickly truth, today was a good day.  The kids and I practiced reading and writing, skated around the neighborhood, and learned about the climate changes in the Sahara desert.

Most of all, we enjoyed the rain.  It was 111 degrees on Monday.  Today it rained.  I always love the rain, but today, the cool patter was especially welcome.  I walked outside to the prettiest sunset I remember seeing from my house.  Golden fire followed by a cool purply pink.  Kind of like the week. (Worst metaphor ever?)

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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