in a van, down by the river

Slowly, or rather, quite QUICKLY, our family of 4 is turning into a family of 4 hippies.

It began over a year ago when we went vegetarian, refused to use plastic bags, got a hybrid car, sewed clothing from hemp (KIDDING about that one), and decided to start homeschooling.  Oh, and also when we got too busy to clean our own house. Dishes kind of stacked up. Clothing didn't get washed every week. We "let things slide a little", if you will.  I woulnd't say we became comfortable in our own filth, cuz that's just horrid. But yeah, our house was/is a bit messy and we totally didn't care.

Then, we decided to live out of our car for 1 month as we toured Canada and Montana and Wyoming. Like most cars, our Prius is not equipped with a shower. So, as we backpacked  and camped to our little hearts content, this thing we call "showering" sorta became a thing of the past.

Look, I'm not proud of this. It is what it is.

The moment I really knew we were hippies, though, is when I caught myself thinking that we should just sell our house and live out of our 4 man tent forever.


Actually I still don't think it's that bad of an idea. Except for the fact that tents don't have electrical outlets and where would I plug my laptop in?

Do hippies even have laptops?

'scuse me. I'm now having an identity crisis.

Well, hippies or not, doesn't really matter. What matters is that when Tyler and I went back to Maui last week, we decided to live out of a minivan.

Sure, there are hundreds of wonderful resorts, condos and hotels every way you look. But is that as fun as kickin' it in a Town and Country minivan 24/7? Nay.  We slept in random parking lots at night and had take out dinners in the front seats. We may or may not have used more than our fair share of Border's free wifi to take care of biz emails. We definitely thought it was way cooler than it actually is to just drive your house all around the island.

We had a blast. Highly recommend it. A successful trip to Maui on the waaaaaay cheap!


Speaking of Maui, here are some images from June's Maui wedding.  What a treat this was. Chase and Karen took us around Paia with their young family and we enjoyed it all immensely.

ps. We stayed in condos on that trip. highly recommend that, too. :)

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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