Today we started homeschooling our kids. Well, kid, really... since Isabelle is still 4 and it's more unofficial for her.  As I sat down with them, a mountain of materials and books and supplies directly in front of us, I couldn't help thinking about how things have changed for our little family since Blue Lily was launched.

We've seen so many changes so fast and sometimes I've got to come up for a look around, to see what's still the same. It's hard to see at first, but our family dynamic really is still as it was. It's just us 4, experiencing things together, spending time together, learning the ropes of just being together.

After Isaac missed thirty two days of kindergarten last year (but still got great grades, little smarty pants) we realized that we had a choice to make; either we keep traveling and yank him out of public school, or settle down and concentrate on local business; or even yet- one of us could go travel and leave the rest behind.

Obviously we chose to hit the road. People react to this different ways. We get intense interest, admiration, confusion, judging looks, even the occasional "don't you get sick of all the traveling?"

Happily, each of us four absolutely loves packing our bags for the next adventure. The kids can handle a 25 hour drive easily- hardly ever make a peep in fact. They love leaving most everything behind and just taking a little bag full of their "important stuff" they might need while camping, or exploring, or seeing.

Isaac and Isabelle are getting a very different education than their peers- while their little friends were at their first day of school, they were being stalked by adorable mountain goats on the most beautiful trail we've ever seen, logging in 9 miles of hiking per day.

They learned wildflower names (Showy Fleabane being Belle's favorite) and rock formations and about what to do when you run into a grizzly on the trail.

They've seen New York City, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Hawaii, Portland, Seattle and Calgary all within the span of 2.5 months. And when we arrive home from each trip I seriously think they are disappointed. :)

For us it seems like this year is almost wrapped up. We've launched our next travel sessions, for the most part, and have big plans for teaching the kids about where we are headed in 2011, and hope they can help us determine what to explore this time around.

Life is good. We are blessed. As for me, one of the things I hope to glean from all this traveling is an appreciation of this world. Specifically, this beautiful country that I live in. It's amazing that I made it to 31 years of age before I saw the breathtaking views I saw last month.

And if I have to pack up my car, drive 4,000 miles, and live out of a backpack or a car trunk for a month just so I can feel a connection to this earth... heck yea I'm going to do it.

I'm excited to join with Tyler and be our kids' school teachers. It's going to be so much fun. Sure, we have to juggle a least a hundred more sessions this year on top of that- but hey, totally doable. Right?

Here's where we are headed next year! (hmmm... looks pretty much like this year. With the exception of EUROPE, hello.)

Sacramento, March 11-13th

AUSTRALIA,  April 6-14th (including a goPro workshop)

Auckland, New Zealand  April 15-16th

Texas, May 5-6th

NYC, May 12-15th

Toronto, Canada  May 19-22th

England/Ireland/Germany TOUR  May 26th- June 7th

Chicago, July 8-9th

Portland, July 20-21st

Seattle, July 23-24th

British Columbia/Vancouver, Canada  July 28-30th

Calgary, AB, August 5-9th

Travels from Sept- December 2011 will include:



Washington DC

New York City




Will you still love us when we are hippies?


Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

From our sessions in Calgary, Canada. More to come soon.


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah