Winners and a new free enlighten:lite workshop giveaway!

SO yes: the Mindy Gledhill concert was very, very amazing and I was so glad Tyler and I made it into town just in time for it. That Mindy is a gem. Her voice is so good it kinda makes me mad that I ended up with such lame tone to this 4 year old voice. I mean, yah, I have good pitch, but really? The voice of a 4 year old???!!

But it was so nice to meet so many readers who are also fans of Mindy.

Anyway, here are the 2 lucky winners of Mindy Gledhill's Anchor CD! 

1. Daisy Reyes

2. Alison

You've been emailed, chicks; let me know your mailing address!

VERY IMPORTANT:  We are part of an amazing giveaway over at  We are giving away a spot to any of our enlighten:lite workshops across the country in the future.  Please head over here to enter the giveaway, see all kids of goodies they are giving away, and support a good cause (child rescue candlelight). YAY for free stuff!

Lastly, we are in Calgary and LOVING every second. Our shoots tonight at Fish Creek? Off the hook. Amazing.

And did you know there are 1 gazillion mosquitos per centimeter here in Calgary?



 from Chicago!

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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