off grid

For the next week we will be practicing. Practicing going off the grid. I've always wanted to say that- like they do in spy movies.

Just a few nights ago we saw "Knight and Day" and they kept saying, "He's off grid" and I kept thinking, I've really gotta try that someday.


In August we have a bunch of sessions in Canada, so we are going to camp our way up there and camp while we are there and then camp our way back. Almost a solid month of campage.  What this means is:

We're gonna be off grid.

Phone, email, blogging, etc. will be at the mercy of cell tower gods and car chargers.

Will you see us again, ever?

I'm dubious.

Like I said, this week we are practicing all the camping and off-grid-ness in Portland and Seattle while we tackle our sessions here. There will be camping. There will be kayaking. Hiking. Sporting. Merriment.

Talk to you soon.


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah