Not Deep Thoughts

- I'm obsessed with Glee. Sad it's over. Only I haven't seen the finale yet so really it's not over.

- Everyone should travel to Australia. Specifically, Sydney.  I freaking love that city and it's now in my top 3 favorite places in the world. LOVED IT.

- How come when I get more sleep than I have in 3 years, 14 days in a row, I suddenly come down with a horrific sinus infection?  I mean, ?  Where is justice?

- What are your summer plans?

-If you've been to Kauai, Maui, or Oahu, what should we do during the 2 weeks we'll be there?

-New plans have been set in motion:  Family photo sessions in planning stages for JAPAN in November. Sign up, ok?

-I told you these thoughts weren't deep.

Do you covet this family photo? I do.  These are our NYC friends the Kerwins, in case you don't recognize them in disguise.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah