So long! Farewell!

Aufvederzen goodbye!  Preetttty sure that's not the right spelling.

Well friends, we are off to Hawaii.  Poor us, stuck there for two weeks :)  We will try and post lots and lots of pictures but I'm not making any promises.  I'll mainly be working on perfecting this very detailed dot-to-dot I've got going on all over my skin. Darn freckles.



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(a funny note about this picture, though Tyler will eventually go into great detail about the day this was taken;  I shopped at H&M for a vest for Isaac- I had it all envisioned, found the perfect one, checked the size and it was a 18-24 month size. There was no other size.  I thought, well- let's just give it a shot. And check it out! Totally cropped, a little tight perhaps, but DANG adorable.  He is obsessed with it, and I'm definitely not telling him it's a baby vest. He loves to wear it and often has it on and nothing else but undies when I come downstairs in the morning. :)  And let's not ignore how adorable little miss Belle looks!)


BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah