Awkward Phrasing

Photographers have a unique problem.  Unique.  And don’t go ruining it

for me by telling me how it is not actually unique because your

filmmaker brother has the same problem.

That problem is how to describe the act of taking pictures.

It is a similar problem (but not the same, as it is unique) that I

encountered when Isaac was born.  There are two well established

schools of baby nap description.  School One uses the phrase “put to


School One: “I am going to but my baby to sleep.”

School Two: “You are going to put your baby to sleep?  You are bad

people.  Why would you do that to your poor innocent baby?  What has

it ever done to deserve to be put to sleep?”

School One: “Sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities drama queen,

how would you say it?”

School Two: “Well, we love our baby.  When he is tired, we put him down.”

School One: “Really?  Really School One?”

So it is in Photography.

School One: “I am going to go shoot a senior.”

School Two: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.  What went wrong in your life?

You sick piece of trash.  Why would you even joke about shooting an

elderly person?

School One: “Again, please accept my groveling apology.  How would you

phrase it?”

School Two: “Well sometimes I say photograph, but that makes me sound

like I am Victorian, assuming Victorians had cameras, so when I am in

a hurry, I just say do.

School One “(stunned silence)”.


Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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