In December, in Phoenix, we visited the surprisingly fun zoo-like

place.  I may not remember the name correctly.  However, my

description is pretty perfect, so I am sure that we are on the same

page.  It is not the Phoenix Zoo, but the zoo like place (as stated).

It is where the goats attacked.  (Video evidence at at 3:35)

It was a quizzical mixture of zoo/uncaged beasts/amusement

rides/aquarium.  I was a non mixed bag of skeptical as to whether it

would not completely bite.  I thought, "There is a reason I have never

been to a quizzical mixture of zoo/uncaged beasts/amusement

rides/aquarium zoo like place."  (Which thought really made describing

the place all these months later easy as pie. Is that the expression?

Easy as pie?  Is pie easy?  Easy to make?  Or just having loose


My skepticism almost won out when we entered the SFZLP.  (Pronouncing

the acronym makes me understand why they named the place as they did.

It rolls off the tongue.) (Did your college have cutesy abbreviations

for the buildings?  Mine did.  I tried to coin new names for buildings

that did not have any, but I am ashamed to report failure.  I just

needed to get that off my chest.)

The first thing you see at the SFZLP is a log ride (Think carnie log

ride on steroids) that has a monkey clan playing beside it.  I think,

why not?  I inquire of the actual carny on steroids how much

(carny/carnie?).  I do not remember the amount, only having sticker


We eventually made our way to the aquarium.  It was one of the better

aquariums I have been to.  (I have been to two.)  I was thoroughly

enjoying myself.  Until I saw the moray eel.

I freely admit that I am squeamish (but in a manly sort of way).  But,

I cannot recall seeing an animal that made me literally recoil (now, I

can recall all sorts of animals that made me figuratively recoil, but

that is neither here nor there).  With the exception of the one that I

can recall that I am about to relate.  (awkward) (my tenth grade

English teacher would be so proud of me for awkwarding my own


The moray eel.  This is the grossest creature of earth.  It hides in

rocks.  (But wait, there's more.)  Pardon my crassness, but the thing

looks like a wet juicy snot rocket with razor sharp teeth.  (I said

pardon my crassness.)  And there were about ten of them floating in

the current eyes trained on my throat.  It was creepy.  Trust me.

That is when I fell for the SFZLP.


Random skies from our travels.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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