Wednesday mornings

I love Wednesday morning.  Belle and Isaac are in school.  Wendy and I

play.  This morning we shop for Belle's birthday tomorrow.

Isabelle's primary teachers gave her a grabbag of presents on Sunday

and it was super to see her shriek with joy at each new trinket

(that's right, super).  I decided that my part of our gift to her

would be a bunch of cheap toys.

We are in Walmart looking at the one dollar segment of the toy aisle.

I see a ball that says it bounces 70 feet high.  Wendy is dubious.

The ceiling is only about thirty feet high so there is no way to truly

test it.  I bounce it about twenty feet though and decide that it is

possibly not false advertising.  Wendy asks for a chance.  I look up

at the fluorescent lights and want to caution her, but decide against

it.  She slams the ball into the ground as if it is a carnival hammer.

 It in turn slams into the ceiling just missing a light and flies at

us as if we are a couple of bowling pins.  We dodge.  I laugh because

it is so typical of Wendy.  She is exuberant.  We pick out Belle's

gifts and check out.

Something is pounding against the roof.  I look out the front door and

see a wall of rain.  It is raining like it does back east.  It almost

never rains this way in Southern California.  I tell Wendy that I will

go get the car.  I ask her where we parked.  (I have a horrible habit

of losing my car- to be discussed later).  She tells me that she does

not know but gives me the uber helpful hint that it is black.

I run outside (reflecting on the mythbuster's episode that dealt with

whether you get more soaked walking or running in the rain- can't

remember the conclusion, so I go with instinct).  I run to the aisle

where I think the car is.  It is not there.  I make sure to scan for

black cars, but to no avail.  I then run from aisle to aisle.  I

cannot find it.  I am regretting wearing a t-shirt.  (Although, I am

sure it was a treat for the ladies- OK sick-I can't even continue with

that).  Then, it starts to hail.  It hurts like hail.  Hailstone is

the perfect word.  I still cannot find the car.  I retrace my steps.

I see Wendy walking towards the entrance.  I motion that I am lost.  I

think I see her smirking.  But can't be sure on account of being

struck by stones of ice.  STONES people. ICE STONES.

Wendy takes a step out of the store and the rain and hail cease.  I am

not making this up.  The clouds part and it is a sunny day.  I am

drenched.  I look to my right and the car is right next to me.  Wendy

walks out to the car and notices the hailstones throughout my hair and

burts out laughing.  I can't help but join her.  As we pull out, I

notice a woman waiting for our space in hysterics.  On the way home

Wendy explains to me that she was laughing so hard in the store

watching me be pelted that she was drawing stares.  She adds to this

that she was particularly amused because she thought that I might be

really angry about being pelted.  I don't make this stuff up.  But, I

do love Wednesday morning.

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