Kids Rule- examples provided by Tyler

Three Year Old Girls Rule

I am the world's worst magician.  But I have trained my kids from a

young age to appreciate my magic.  Belle is taking a bath.  I am

washing her hair.  We have a bath toy that is a small bird pirate.  I

call him Captain Squawk (clever).  I take Captain Squawk and hide him

behind my knee.  I tell her that Squawk is in the medicine cabinet.

She is duly impressed.  She asks for a turn.  She tells me to cover my

eyes.  I open them and Squawk has disappeared.  I check beneath her

knees, but he is not there.  She giggles.  I ask her where Squawk is.

Let's just say that Squawk was sandwiched between two buns (worst pun

ever).  Poor unfortunate undeserving Squawk.  But, I have to admit, it

is a good hiding place.

Five Year Old Boys Rule

We are at the farmer's market.  I am laden with vegetable goodness.

We are at the last booth.  We do not have enough cash so Wendy rushes

to the ATM.  Isaac and Isabelle and I chat with the farmer.  We talk

to him about what crops are in season and the kids tell him what they

like to eat.  We have a nice discussion.  Wendy gets back with the

cash and we pay the farmer.  As we leave, he wraps a bouquet of

flowers and gives them to Isabelle.  She beams and gives him a

gorgeous smile.  I know that this spells future trouble, but today I

feel nothing but pride.

Isaac, though, looks sad.  He stares at his feet as we put the produce

into our bag.  As we leave, he asks me, "Why don't I get pretty

flowers?"  The farmer overhears before I have time to console Isaac.

He reaches out, prepares another bouquet, and presents it to Isaac.

He smiles ear to ear, takes the flowers, takes a huge whiff of them

and thanks the farmer.  I whisper a thanks to the man, almost overcome

with emotion.  I think, we make quite a sight, my five-year old boy

with his lovely bouquet and his dad that is fighting back a tear (a

single tear, for the record).  But, I love that Isaac loves flowers.

It is so nice that he is his own person.  That he bows to no man.


Here are some pictures and a video of our San Francisco shoot with our friends Lisa, Peter and Charlie.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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