workshop high jinks

We just finished our first full fledged FUNShop.  That just happened.

I replaced the work in workshop.  With the word fun.  You were the

first to see it.  I just blew my own mind.

But, seriously, It was two days of pure bliss.  I will describe it in

one word   radinconceivableoutrageousspectacularsupdendouswickedcoolunbelievablefantasticginormous

With a one sentence follow-up.  2 Days.  8 photographers. 4 shoots.

11 Models.  19 hours of wicked fun. 2 rad wedding coordinators.  3,631

laughs.  (Give or take 3.)  I cannot remember the last time I smiled

and laughed so much that my checks were sore.

Maybe the funnest part of the whole event was the group shot at the end.

I decide that it would be funny for the girls to hold me aloft for the

shot.  Wendy decides that I should jump up in the air and that they

would catch me.  I decide that it is probably a horrible idea, but

that I am game.

Attempt 1-The self timer light blinks.  14 stick skinny arms form a

landing strip.  I contemplate jumping.  I then contemplate breaking my

neck.  I decide against it.  All seven women are yelling at me to

jump.  CLICK.

Attempt 2-The self timer light blinks.  I am presented with the 14

sticks.  I am again goaded.  This time I jump.  Shockingly, I crash to

the ground.  It is all sorts of funny to the droppers.  CLICK.

Attmept 3- I suggest a gradual lift instead of leaping to my death.

They reluctantly agree.  I am manhandled (womanhandled?)  CLICK.


I could go on about how we are so so lucky to have had such a

fantastic good looking fun interested engaging humorous tight knit

group, but I will not.  I could also go on about how Wendy and I

cannot remember a more fun weekend than the one we just spent chilling

with co-photogs doing what we all love, but I will not.  I could also

go on about how excited we are for our next workshop in August in Salt Lake City,

but i will not.  Instead, I present for your perusal the three

pictures described above.

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

BLUE LILY | Lifestyle Photographer | Salt Lake City, Utah