A word of warning- This part is much more mushy than funny.  (Make that eight words of warning)

It is late fall.  Fall is ending and the cold of winter is beginning to invade the autumn afternoons.  It has been a long six months.  I have not seen or talked to Wendy since she broke my collarbone/heart in a vicious combination.  (However, I am not bitter.)

Actually, what a am is forlorn.  I know that is is folly to not be over what was a relatively short relationship after so long, but, even knowing this, I can't change it.  I am just beginning to regain my appetite.  For months, I was entirely uninterested in eating.  I just felt a pervasive sickness.  More of a feeling of not being well.  An emptiness.

I had dated a lot of girls in the last six months, but had only come to one conclusion.  I was looking for Wendy.  Wendy was not here.

It is dark outside.  It is cold.  But my California roots and my contempt for the cold make me refuse to bring a coat for my evening walk across campus.  I just need a moment alone.

I trudge across campus.  It turns out that it is colder than I anticipate.  First, I welcome the numbness.  It becomes too much as I pass the library.  I enter into the computer lab and find myself doing something unanticipated.

I write Wendy an e-mail.

I need closure.  Wendy's parents and mine go to church together.  We are at the same school.  The prospect of running into her makes me ill.  A couple times, I thought that I saw her on campus.  Once, I literally jumped behind a bush (Although maybe figuratively jumping behind a bush would have been more interesting.)

I write her a simple e-mail.


I thought it important to tell you that knowing you was one of life's blessings for me.  I hope that you are happy.  Honestly blissful.  I know of no one else that deserves it more.  Have a nice life.


As I leave the computer lab, I walk right by her.

We go to a school that has about 30,000 students.  I have never once actually seen her in the last six months.  But right after I contact her for the first time since she broke up with me, here she is.

It is as gut wrenching as I imagined.  She is so pretty and alluring and untouchable.

I stammer "Uh, hey, I just wrote you an e-mail.  Whelp, uh, nice to see you."

The next two days are spent mentally flogging myself.  I do almost nothing except click refresh in my inbox.

Finally, Wendy Barson appears in my inbox.

"Hey, random seeing you.  Thanks for the e-mail.  I am ready to start dating again."

I wonder what this means.  Is it a general statement?

"Hey, just so you know, in case you have any cute friends that you want to set me up with, I am single and ready to mingle!"

Or is it a more specific one?

"My Love, I have missed you every moment of every day, the thought..." No, that was definitely too strong a daydream.

I respond to her e-mail.  I say something clever, like, "So, are you saying you want to hang out with me?"  I feel like I am in the fourth grade passing a note to a cute girl that has a box for liking me and one for not liking me.

She replies in the affirmative.

The rest is history (well, except for the future.  the phrase should be history is history, but I can see why it is not).

I just feel like I am pushing my luck.  I will do one more post if desired.  But am afraid that it is getting boring.


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(a note from Wendy: I will be in Texas from April 1-3rd. Woot! Emails and voicemail will be returned on Monday the 5th. Happy Easter!)


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