Part 4 of The courting of wendy- the cute roommate

The next week, I have written off the date as my most awkward ever.  I am hanging out with a friend who is visiting a girl that he knows that happens to live in the same apartment complex as Wendy.  I look at her door as I pass and recoil.

Turns out that the girl my friend knows is not home.  My friend asks, "Do you know any girls around here?"

Lie.  "No... er, I know one."  You stupid idiot.

"Cool, does she have any cute roommates?"

"Yes, actually." You stupid, stupid man.

"Well, let's go, man."

"Well, the girl that I know and I did not leave on the best terms."

"Take one for the team."  What team?  The man team? 

"I hardly know her".  In the end, I relent and find myself knocking on the very same green door.

A girl that I have not seen answers. 


"I am here to see Wendy."

"OK, what's your name"

"Tyler" The girl represses a smile, but not a shocked look.  This is not good.

"Wendy, Tyler is here!"

Wendy, kind soul that she is, lets me in.  My friend does not hit it off with the roommate, but strangely, Wendy and I completely hit it off.  We end up talking for hours. 

It is sort of like going to a movie that you heard is the worst ever and finding out that you really like it. 

We start hanging out ever spare moment that we have.  I really really like this girl.


Stay tuned for the 5th installment... coming Monday. (how rude of Tyler to go backpacking in Death Valley and leave you all hanging!)

Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer
Salt Lake Utah   Lifestyle   Photographer

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